There are scads of games for space warriors, wizards and historical battles, but there is only one city-smashing kaiju hobby miniatures game. And with big, gorgeous models featuring giant robots, towering space monsters, thundering dinosaurs, cybernetic ninjas, Martian invaders and Cthulian demons, there is something for everyone

A one-monster game should take around 45 minutes, and a two-monster game should take around 90 minutes.
Currently each player fields 1 to 3 monsters, 15 to 25 units, and up to 12 buildings
Monsterpocalypse is played on a 24" x 27" map, meaning it fits easily on a standard-sized card table, so you don't need vast amounts of space to hold events.


Die Bausätze sind unbemalt und müssen zusammengebaut werden. Klebstoff und Farben sind nicht enthalten. Inhalt kann leicht variieren.