Vorbestellung - CAT/BT: Battletech Clan Invasion Box

Vorbestellung - CAT/BT: Battletech Clan Invasion Box

Erscheint Dezembär 2020
Lager: Lager
SFr. 65.50


The Clan Invasion box serves up intermdiate-level play, building off the recent, best-selling release of Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat. This box set contains everything you need for more advanced ‘Mech on ‘Mech action, including five OmniMech designs, two maps, the intermediate-level rulebook, and a brief guide to the Clans in order to set the stage.

- Executioner
- Timber-Wolf
- Nova
- Grendel
- Adder
- Elemental Point (base) x2
- Clan Rulebook
- Clan Primer Booklet
- Novella
- Record Sheets Booklet
- 10 Pilot Cards
- Alpha Strike Cards
- Reference cards
- Game Maps
- Punchboard of additional standees and terrain
- 2 dice

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