Vorbestellung - PP/WC: Iron Star Alliance Command Group Starter Set (metal)

Vorbestellung - PP/WC: Iron Star Alliance Command Group Starter Set (metal) Aktion!

Erscheint August 2020
Lager: Lager
SFr. 85.00 SFr. 79.00


- Paladin Weaver (solo)
- Paladin Commander (solo)
- Paladin Enforcers (3-model squad)
- Firebrand A (light warjack)
- Five white and five red Strike Dice, one D6
- Four unit stat cards, five warjack weapon cards, twenty-four Cypher cards
- Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika rulebook

The Iron Star Alliance is a vast interplanetary coalition of nations and chartered corporations that have been bound together in the name of progress and mutual defense. Their core objective is to provide security for its allied nations by way of aggressive expansion throughout the galaxy. To accomplish this, the Alliance has established an unparalleled military presence across the Thousand Worlds, with legions of elite Paladin shock troopers that can be deployed anywhere within their dominion quickly and with formidable effect. Through significant tribute extracted from its member-nations, the Iron Star Alliance is able to afford the most advanced technology and weapons for its military, and its Warcasters enjoy abundant benefits as the galaxy’s most celebrated martial heroes.

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