Kill Team games

  • Hello fellow players,

    I am looking to play Kill Team games in afterwork evenings. Anyone will be up for a game? We can play in Táctica shop (Oerlikon) or I also can play at home (Albisrieden). I've got Kill Teams, terrain and all what's needed. Just need an opponent to practice for a tournament I will be playing in October !

    Don't hesitate to contact ! WhatsApp 0789746168

    Speak English, French, Spanish and some German/SwissGerman

    Looking forwards to hearing from you !

    Pablo :thumbsup:

  • I'm up for KT games in the evening, was looking for opponent anyways^^

    I could play on Fridays from 16 o'clock or saturday, whole day....

    I will be using english rules and should be able to communicate in english, if you're not comfortable with german...

    Do you have the arena expansion? Curious to try that one....

    Also, where and when is the tournament?


  • Hello Amira,

    I am also very flexible with the schedule, so Fridays from 16 and Saturdays sounds great. If we play at my home we won't be restricted to the shop's opening hours, and Sundays will be possible too.

    I can say most things in German, and I'd love to learn more.

    I have Commanders and Elites expansions, but not arena, unfortunately.

    The tournament is October 12th in Cordoba, Spain.


  • I'd prefer saturday in the tactica, since I want to pick up some warcry stuff^^ What time would be good for you?

    If they are booked already, I'll reserve at friday from 16 o'clock, also in tactica (is a bit closer, and I can't get lost^^)