Looking for Mordheim players

  • Hello everyone,

    I am new to Switzerland, but have been in the hobby for about 15 years, playing WH Fantasy and now Mordheim. I have my Witch Hunter warband with me and would love to find some people who would be interested in playing a campaign in Mordheim.

    Hope there are some Wyrdstone hunters around and maybe we can meet up and test our warbands against each other.

    Added a picture of my warband.


  • I have here a set of Shado Warriors that I would love to play in a Mortheim campaign. They are overpowered as far as I know but people made some good suggsestions how to nerf them a bit so they are better balanced. Giving them a maximum Thoughness of 3 (Maybe even let their heroes start with T2) was the most often used downgrade and also to maybe nerf some of their shooting skills. I could also play something else though. Would need to build and paint a few models anyway.

    I live in Dübendorf. We can play at Tactica or Wellplayed or at my Place. I will also ask some people that I know. We are just starting a Necromunda campaign. I don't know if they are ready to start Mordheim at the same time.

  • Okay, sounds good. I never played against SW and I have heard stories of how broken they are at Mordheim, but I don't mind trying it out. I always like a good challenge.

    Just let me know what works for you and whoever more may be interested and we can meet up and start a few games. Also multiplayer games are super fun. I live in Uster, so I can come by wherever we agree at.

  • The sneaky Shadow Warriors took an advantage of the early deployment and managed to fend off the witch hunters who tried to storm the building in which the elves were hiding.

    After taking some casualties the Witch Hunters retreated and regrouped for another assault.

    It was a fun game with Boris and his Shadow Warriors, can't wait to have a rematch :)

    Also anyone else who would like to join the brawl is more than welcome!


  • Hey,

    Maybe I'm a bit late to this.

    I've been interested in Mordheim for while by now,

    but have never actually played it (however I do have quite a few fitting minis).

    At any rate I'd be interested in a game or maybe even a campaign.

    I live in zurich city tho...


  • Hey brotha,

    Of course, you are welcome to join us, we are only two games in and we bout won a game. We usually play in Zurich or Dubendorf, so I guess that works for you too.

    I am a bit busy with moving this weak, but usually weekends are the best time to play for me.

    What warband are you looking to play?

  • Next week may be better. Let's see how things develop. I can usually play on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

    We can schedule something I guess.

    You are welcome to join us with any of those warbands. Currently we have witch hunters and shadow warriors.