FOW-Spieler organisiert euch

  • Hallo liebe FOW-Generäle... es wird langsam zeit das "wir" uns so organisieren das mann einander kennt und zwischendurch auch gegeneinander spielt!!!

    Also das bin ich:

    Name: Maurus Markwalder

    Wohnort: Neuenhof

    Ich spiele:

    Sovjet's (M/L)

    British Airborn (M/L)

    Deutsches Heer (L)

    Bin mobiel, hab aber auch ein Tisch mit genügend Gelände das man bei mir zocken könnte...

    Würd mich also freuen wenn sich hier möglicht viele Leute melden und und wir uns so einwenig organisieren könnten!!!

  • Hi, I'm Arthur, since you're all Flames of War players, you should be able to read English as all the source books only come in English ;)

    I do speak decent German though and fluent French, just my writing in German isn't that good. I also understand Swiss-German.

    Anyway, long story short, I'm Swiss-Canadian but grew up in Canada. Now I'm here for a bit and looking forward to some FOW games.

    I've been playing FOW for about 10 years now with some breaks. I sold most of my stuff in Canada and I restarted my collection here. So far I have about 20'000 points worth of Germans (M/L) and about 2'000 points Soviets (M/L). And a lot more on order to come.

    If any of you have any questions about the rules and the books, I can help explain some rules as sometimes it can be hard to understand. And if you have any questions about what's in any of the books, let me know, I have every single one of them. From what I understand, most of you are just starting the game, so I'm happy to help in any way possible. It's a great game, and the only one I still play.

    I hope to meet you all and hope you don't mind having a visitor in your FOW community :)

  • Hello!

    I would love to come! If there is a spot open, please sign me up! What do you normally play?

    If I can come to the tournament, I'll play Germans, 1650 points right? Can it be any late war list? Such as from Desperate Measures or is it restricted to only using books like Grey Wolf and Bridge by Bridge etc?

  • Hey,

    I just moved from St. Gallen to Zug.
    Are there any FoW-Players in the Area of Zug?

    I have a british Army with approx. 1500 Points and a sovjet army with approx. 2000 points.

    Would love to find some players here.

  • Hi Wittrik,

    I live near Baden in Aargau. If you would like to play we can meet and play some games. What are you playing: late war or mid war?

    If you would like to meet once please send me a massage, so the thread is not full of single conversations.


    "There are two rules for success:
    1. Never tell everything you know."

    Roger H. Lincoln

  • Hi,

    I just moved from Slovenia to Luzern a couple of weeks ago and am wondering if there are any players around here.
    I've brought only a small part of my miniatures but after will get my whole collection after the new year.

    I have a lot of Finns for all eras, LW germans and unassembled EW british.


  • Hallo,

    Ich komme aus dem Raum Baden, und bis jetzt habe ich leider nur bemalt und gebastelt und mittlerweile kann ich auch schon ca. 2000 Punkte LW Briten (Airborne und Welsh Guards), sowie ca. 2000 Punkte LW Deutsche aufstellen. Nun, da ich mittlerweile doch was zusammen habe muss ich auch mal damit spielen (hab erst 2-3 Spiele gemacht...). Leider bin ich noch total unerfahren mit den Spielregeln, aber das kann ja noch werden.


  • Hauptsächlich Briten, Late. Habe auch Sowjets, aber nur "quick & dirty" gebaut.
    Nach einigen Jahren "Behind Omaha" bin ich zu Fow gewechselt. Spiele dies nun ca. 2 Jahre mit einem Bekannten ( approx. 25 Spiele ) .

    Beste Grüsse,