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Centuries have passed since the last of the gods perished, bringing an end to a golden age and ushering in the tenth Tear Fall. Mighty champions battle fervently to claim these godtears for their own, gathering a trusted cohort of followers along the way. The promise of ascension, to replace those once famed gods, spurs them on in their search for glory.

These champions are as diverse as the lands from which they hail. Each possesses a unique combination of knowledge, skills, and strengths, all of which will be needed in their quest for godhood. Champions are loosely grouped into four distinct classes. Slayers are an unstoppable force that will stop at nothing to eliminate the champions who stand in their way, Guardians are the immovable object that are exceedingly difficult to deter from their path, Maelstroms are storms of war damaging whole swathes of the battlefield with their attacks, and Shapers possess unparalleled power to direct and redirect the flow of battle to suit their whims.

Gather your warband, assemble your followers, crush your enemies, and absorb the celestial power of the fallen gods!

Dynamic tabletop combat game for 2 players

(Quelle: steamforged.com)