Konflikt 47

Konflikt ’47 is a standalone game inspired by the hugely successful Bolt Action, designed by Clockwork Goblin Miniatures and produced by Warlord Games and Osprey Publishing. Adding to the core rules that many gamers are familiar with from Bolt Action, Konflikt ’47 allows the addition of completely new types of units and models to existing 28mm Bolt Action armies and the creation of completely new forces set in the alternate future of 1947.

Konflikt ’47 introduces ‘Weird War’ weaponry – including the stunning range of walkers and other mechanical monstrosities! And to go alongside the Pre-Order of the main full size rule book we have two starter armies also available for Pre-Order today!

Im Kern bedient es sich der Regeln von Bolt Action und ist somit für die gestandene Bolt Action Gemeinschaft leicht zu erlernen...viel wichtiger allerdings, auch für absolute Neulinge.
Konflikt ´47 bietet völlig neue Einheiten die zu den bestehenden Bolt Action Einheiten der Spieler hinzugefügt werden.