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Vorbestellung - D&D5E/RPG: Quests from the Infinite Staircase (eng)

Erscheint Juli 2024
SFr. 57.00


Quests from the Infinite Staircase embraces the magic of the most beloved Dungeons & Dragons adventures of all time. Your journey begins in the Infinite Staircase, a dreamlike expanse with doors leading to fantastical worlds, where you’ll meet Nafas, a noble genie who fulfills wishes with the help of valiant heroes—like you! As you explore what lies beyond each door, embark on timeless adventures and make memorable moments with your party.

This handpicked collection contains 6 remastered first edition adventures, complete with striking settings and a lovable cast of characters. These unforgettable quests can be run individually or as a delightful campaign that takes characters from level 1 to 13.

This book features:

- Rediscover beloved First Edition Adventures - Uncover the ruins of an ancient kingdom, dig through the wreckage of a futuristic spaceship, and explore an enchanting fairytale garden; these treasured tales have been carefully chosen and lovingly remastered for Fifth Edition
- Play induvidually or as a Campaign - Designed for maximum flexibility, all 6 can be played as standalone adventures, dropped into an ongoing game, or run together as a cohesive campaign that takes characters from level 1 to 13
- Magic items and marvelous Machinery - Let your imagination soar with new magic items and futuristic technological devices; take inspiration from this marvelous machinery as you infuse your campaign and characters with some classic D&D flair
- Meet over 30 memorable Monsters and Characters - From sentient androids to cosmic frog monsters, you’re sure to emerge with a newfound favourite or two as you journey through roleplaying history
- 6 timeless D&D Adventures - This book contains the following Dungeons & Dragons adventures: The Lost City, When a Star Falls, Beyond the Crystal Cave, Pharaoh, The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, and Expeditions to the Barrier Peaks