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    Vorbestellung - PP/WM4: Annihilators - Khador Cadre

    Erscheint Dezembär 2023
    SFr. 105.50


    Even as her territories and cities are besieged by the Orgoth sea raiders, the Motherland continues to make great strides in technological advancement and wartime production. As greater numbers of the next generation of Man-O-War armor are completed and march out of the factories of the Khadoran Mechaniks Assembly, they are sent to the frontlines to reinforce the Winter Korps and the other great armies of the north. Clad in these nigh-invulnerable mechanized suits of armor and armed for brutal close-quarters combat, the Annihilators push these technologies to new heights of brutality. Led by the efficient and calculating Kommander Tatiana Sikora, the Annihilators are a cadre of specialists dedicated to maximizing the destructive potential of the Man-O-War to dominate any battlefield they dare to tread.

    The Box contains:
    - 1 Kommander Tatiana Sikora - Warcaster
    - 1 Controller - Solo
    - 1 Wrecking Crew - 3 Model Unit
    - Sergeant Sergei Krol - Solo Character